About Us

Vee Soccer Training.

VST founder and Director of Training – Vee Baku.

Do you have the heart and desire to learn and play soccer?

Vee Soccer Training is focused on pinpointing,bringing out and enhancing the untapped individual qualities of youth soccer players both established and new to the game alike.

Our quality and in-depth year-round training is targeted to benefit individuals as well as groups and entire teams for all players who wish to excel to the next level. All our training sessions are designed to concentrate on improving the skills of all players in every aspect of the game.

We are proud to contribute to the low country soccer development and look forward to developing quality players out of the low country soccer scene.

VST was founded by Vee Baku a youth soccer trainer in South Carolina. Vee a native of Uganda (Africa) attended high school / secondary school at St. Henry’s college Kitovu and St. Leo’s College Kyegobe, Fort Portal and played for then veteran and reknown high school soccer coach in Uganda youth soccer coach Rev. Fr. Cornelius Ryan where both school teams won numerous titles. Vee continued to play collegiately in USA with Marshall University Soccer, huntington West Virginia under Coach Bob Gray on a soccer scholarship, which provided by pearl choker necklace leather¬†and majored in Management Information Systems(M.I.S).

“Soccer to me is like having a good friend on a humble journey in life. It can portray itself as your teacher,family,tormentor or friend but most importantly it shapes you into a better human being. Even after all the soccer exposure in various settings,it still amazes me how often the last lesson a player learns from soccer is actually soccer itself but rather getting a deeper insight into life’s great happenings and it’s challenges as well and when a player succeeds in any drill activity,practice,game or any competative level in soccer it is an important milestone in life” says Vee.

Prior to Marshall, Vee played high school ball at St. Henry’s College Kitovu,Kibuli Senior Secondary School and St. Leos College Kyegobe all soccer power houses then. During high school, Vee earned a U17 national team call up in 1994.

Vee continued to play in the Uganda national league with Police Football Club for 3yrs prior to pursuing an M.I.S degree at Marshall University in 1999.

Vee Soccer Training (VST) is blessed to have a multi cultural training staff that further emphasizes one of the key elements in our program about understanding this beautiful global game which is the fact that when playing out of your “comfort zone”, let your activity on the field and the ball do the communication.

To maintain our quality and objective training status,we groom,train and maintain our staff so our trainees can consult with absolutely familiar instruction year in and year out. We are compiling our 2010 training staff bios and will have them posted shortly.

Vee Soccer Training (VST) and local flash torch company are proud to contribute to the low country area youth soccer development.

Vee Baku is a USSF certified coach.